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The Pokot live in the Baringo district and in the Western Pokot district in Kenya. There are two main sub-groups depending of their location and way of life¬†: the Hill Pokot and the Plains Pokot. A homestead is composed of one or more buildings (if there are several wifes). Most of the Pokot are nomadic and thus have interacted with different peoples, incorporating their customs. The songs and decorative arts, in particular body decoration, are very appreciated among the Pokot. They adorn the body with beads and hairstyling, and proceed to scarifications and the removal of the lower central incisors. Pokot girls wear a beaded necklace made of the stems of an asparagus tree.For the Pokot, the universe has two realms: the above is the realm of the most powerful deities, and the below is the one where live humans, animals, and plants. Humans are responsible for the realm that they inhabit, but they rely upon divinities to achieve and maintain peace and prosperity. The Pokot communicate with their deities through prayer and sacrifice. They are superstitious and believe in sorcery. They have oracles and prophets. Ceremonies mark the transitions in the people’s social lives. The most important rite of passage is circumcision for boys and clitoridectomy for girls. The Pokot keep the affiliation to their clan throughout their lives, there is no disruption with marriage. The bond between a husband and wife lasts for 3 generations. Polygamy exists but is not prevalent among men before 40.

Les Pokot vivent dans le district de Baringo et à l’ouest du district de Pokot au Kenya.Il existe deux principaux sous-groupes selon leur localisation et mode de vie : les Pokot des collines et les Pokot des plaines. Chaque propriété familiale est composée d’un ou plusieurs bâtiments (s’il y a plusieurs femmes). La plupart des Pokot sont nomades et ont donc interagi avec différents peuples, incorporant leurs coutumes. Les chants et arts décoratifs, en particulier la décorat

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