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Récits migratoires : RachidaMigrants’ Tails:
Humanizing and Building Bridges to Deconstruct the Simplistic Nationalistic Rhetoric

At our level, we work with our partners to bring about the establishment of meeting places and debates in Belgium and Morocco to accompany the progress and implementation of collaborative projects which aim to make “living together” better.

Nowadays, the migrant crisis is heavily covered by the media. And the images shown are mostly the same: overcrowded boats, people waiting in refugee camps, dead people and human distress.
Despite there being displays of solidarity towards the refugees, the general perception on the phenomenon is an undecided one leaning more towards apprehensiveness…
It must be acknowledged that withdrawal into self is more prevalent in a tough economic context. Not only with regard to refugees, but also different communities of a country.

Recently, a European report demonstrated how misconceptions and discriminatory attitudes prevent economic and social integration of migrants, thus consequentially limiting their employment, education, healthcare and housing opportunities. The line between bias and discrimination is a very blurry one.
Bias tends to deny that which one has in common with the other by reducing that person to “a single specific trait of his character, be it his religious, ethnical, regional affiliation… refusing to acknowledge him as a complete human being,” (100% métissage), we conduct awareness campaigns in Morocco and Belgium to educate partakers on others in a way that goes way beyond the lenses through which they are generally perceived, thus building bridges between people.

Download the 2015 Outcome and Impact Assessment Factsheet (French)


Récits migratoires : Je suis d'ici et d'ailleurs

« Je suis d’ici et d’ailleurs, Une histoire à plusieurs voix entre Bruxelles et Oujda » is a documentary initiated by Echos Communication in conjunction with Kasala ASBL, Solidarité et Développement Maroc, Université du Québec à Rimouski and IBUNTU with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels International Federation and the Direction Générale Coopération au Développement.

The documentary will be made between Morocco and Belgium. In it, 18 migrants’ journeys will be followed. During the course of a 6-day art-expression workshop, participants will be telling their stories. They will be finding their words and expressing themselves through creative writing, slam, and music, explaining why they made the decision to migrate, their perceptions of their adopted home, etc. The spectator will witness an intimate exchange rather than a simple debate on the subject.

This documentary offers a different view on migration and endeavors to remain “just” and free of neither pity nor sensationalism. The film, which opens up the floor for these anonymous and normally voiceless witnesses, is more so intended to be a place of testimony.

Through this documentary, our aim is to question the preconceived views we tend to have on migration and to provide a platform where these individuals (migrants) can be seen for who they are without the simple foreigner or immigrant tag. It is an invitation to bypass our biases and go see what actually lies behind the veil.



The documentary serves as a launching pad for the establishment of an exploratory path which aims to:

  • Question the way migration is perceived
  • Seek the mechanisms that influence people into having biases and ways to get rid of them
  • Raise awareness on the impact of perceived opinions on individuals with a migrant’s background
  • Understand cultural mixing and that which could prevent it
  • Question our societies’ model of integration


An additional desired outcome of these gatherings would be thoughts for action:

  • What it is that could be done on a personal level?
  • What action could we undertake collectively?
  • How to bring about a framework that encourages diversity in our societies?

From then on, specific projects could be drawn up.

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Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information. We would also be happy to provide you with:

  • Spaces for meeting or contributions with regard to the documentary
  • Assistance in the establishment of collaborative projects with that aim to improve community life in municipalities, associations, or centers
  • Workshops or projects such as Migrants’ Tails

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