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EVE and TaPaJe

Group of cute little prescool kids drawing. ©Petro Feketa - FotoliaIn this day and age where complexity and multiculturalism have become a reality, “Living Together” is one of the biggest challenges that our societies have to face. The violent nature of the information that makes it to the news (mass attacks, hostage-taking) is a testament to the way in which the context of international and economic crises, biases and discrimination could constitute a fertile breeding ground for hatred and violence.

With an aim to prevent such occurrences, Echos Communication offers a selection of formation programs in which participants will have access to a deep insight into the vicious cycles of biases, discrimination and violence.

At Echos Communication, we are convinced that education is the key to triggering a step back from our outlook on the other, just like it is the easiest way to transmit biases. The sooner children notice that their family or social environments are influencing them into having certain biases, the sooner they will develop a sense of objectivity. This will allow them to live more comfortably among people that are different from them.

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