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Getting Rid of Biases


Changing your Outlook, Is Changing the World

Do you have any prejudices or biases? This is great news! It means that you are in full possession of your faculties… But do not rejoice so quickly; looking back on those biases could do you some good.
Bias is one of the main factors holding back the enhancement of human relationships. Its riddance will completely change one’s relationship with the other(s). Transfer and exchange of knowledge, competence, tools and critical opinions will become a possibility. Collective intelligence procedures and the appreciation of every individual’s contribution will also be made possible.
Echos Communication’s aim is not to eradicated biases, but to ensure that each person understands how they work and learns to question them. The riddance of biases is also the first ideal step in addressing issues that go hand in hand like discrimination and violence. Echos Communication strives for a world where diversity is seen as a source of strength and not a source of weakness.
Step n° 1: Do not beat yourself up! Most preconceived ideas we have hail from collective intelligence which we automatically perceive to be right. Not yet convinced? Look below to find out how our gray matter processes information…


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