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10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Member of Echos Communication


Are you passionate about human development? Well, this constitutes the basis of Echos Communication’s initiatives. We offer concrete examples of its implementation, testimonies, and a platform for exchange and action-taking which could influence you.


North and South : Echos Communication is active in the North, mainly in French speaking Belgium at this time, through development and educational projects. Its aim with regard to Belgian society is the riddance of biases toward Africa and Africans: Changing your outlook, is changing the world without even trying!
In the South, Echos communication is involved in projects that foster concrete and sustainable improvements in the living conditions of local populations. Its role is to uncover Africa’s biggest resource; Africans themselves.


Echos Communication; bearer of hope: Echos Communication believes in the individual. His intelligence, awareness of his situation, culture and ability to determine the course of his future for his own good are all are cornerstones for his development.

Echos Communication believes that everyone has a certain potential, what is needed is its unleashing and avenues where it can be effectively be put in use. That is the most effective way to impact societies in a positive and sustainable manner.


Immediate Impact and A Different Framework: Echos Communication’s initiatives have immediate impacts: Belgian communication students now see Africa in a different light. Children aged between 9 and 12 look at differences with more curiosity, Africans also have more self-believe in themselves and their abilities. Villages are getting rid of this tendency to wait and are engaging themselves in development dynamics, etc. These results are sustainable because the framework employed is one where local players are the ones taking charge of their own development.


Pragmatism and Establishment of a Pattern: Our projects seek to increase self-appropriation approaches by implementing psychological, sociological and neuroscience techniques, with a view of triggering societal changes. Our initiative is therefore guided by pragmatism.
More than results, the establishment of such a pattern will help us understand the reasoning behind these results (and thus playing with it), so we can have an even better impact.


Development and Reciprocity: Echos Communication advocates for the triggering of a proper development by local populations for their own benefit. The amount of support and level of intervention becomes a crucial issue in this dynamic.
Nowadays, a lot of initiatives are seen as unidirectional; developed countries experiment in poorer countries and apply what worked back home. Or developed nations show generosity but do net gain anything in return except personal satisfaction.
Why aren’t developed nations more curious and desirous to gain more from these exchanges? They could benefit in many ways; in terms of attitudes, thought processes, techniques, life lessons and inspiration, just like they benefitted from Gandhi and Mandela.


Raising Awareness and Broadcasting Information: Acquiring behavioural skills is within the reach of everyone, even if those skills do not resemble the skills traditionally mastered in development cooperation. This sharing of information happens through the broadcast of numerous rich and effective experiences that are often ignored by players in the field of cooperation.


Access to numerous interesting competences: Do you wish take a peek at Echos Communication’s initiatives through technical lenses? The areas we cover are numerous: communication, sociology, psychology, development cooperation, multiculturalism, diversity, development policies, Morocco, Africa, local development, budgets, collection of funds, network management, adult and youth education, development strategies… These transversal horizons call for the establishment of new organizations with innovative ideas, practices and thoughts.


A well experienced GA is an entity which keeps the decisions regarding the main guidelines to embark on into the hands of its members. The more the members of the GA are plenty, the more the organization’s mission will not be diverted by the selfish desires and interests of a few.


Accountability: The organization benefits from funds that allow it to accomplish missions of general interest. It is a healthy thing when responsibilities regarding the usage of funds are situated and can be accounted for with logic. Good governance permits the consolidation of gains acquired.

Joining our Organization: An Exchange

What you get out of it

  • The opportunity to embark on a wonderful human journey. Exchanges is at the core of Echos Communication’s concerns and events. Our team embodies the vision of success through association.
  • Twice a year, a newsletter informing you of the progress of our projects as well as difficulties encountered by our teams.
  • Two invitations (one each semester) a year to a debate in which a person of reference will be taking part and where we will discuss about the difficulties we encounter.
  • An invitation to participate at our General Assembly which takes place around the month of June. The organization relies on members’ contributions for the funds to organize this event. The same can be said about the debates.

What is expected of you

  • We need your curiosity and critical mind. Come exchange with us at our different events, meet other members and give us your reflections on our initiatives.
  • Participation at the GA in June and your contribution for its preparation through your ideas and stances.
  • For those who do not only wish to limit themselves to the minimum, we hold regular workshops and work sessions on given subjects. You are always welcome.
  • For those looking towards synergies between Echos Communication and others in their networks, your part will be to put us into contact.
  • The 2012 Generally Assembly has set the contribution at 10 €.

10043882_lbBecome a Member!

I would like to confirm that I wish to apply for a member position at Echos Communication’s General Assembly. I am well aware that a 10€  contribution will be required (as defined by the 2012 GA) from me should my application be accepted.

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    * The contribution has been set at a modest rate so that it does not become a barrier to an interested individual. This modest contribution is more so a symbolic commitment or support to the not-for-profit organization. In this spirit, we invite you to send your contribution for the year. Our bank account is the following: BE60 2170 2250 7870 (BIC: GEBABEBB). Please include the following, “2015 Contribution + your name”.

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