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You are an NGO

Echos Communication occupies an important place in the development cooperation landscape. On one hand, we focus on the people and social skills needed for success in the field of cooperation. Using experienced gained by players on the ground and scientific researches, we provide information through different channels (n’GO Magazine, blogs, workshops, seminars…).

On the other hand, we offer human resources management, network coordination and communication services to actors involved in development. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information…

You are an association

Whether you are involved in cooperation, socio-cultural activities, personal development or continuing education, Echos Communication can assist you!

Our main themes of focus, “riddance of biases” and “people and social skills”, are transversal themes. They can therefore be adapted to a variety of audiences.

We are committed to diversify our experiences and exchanges with actors of diverse backgrounds.
What about you?

You are a network

Being part of a network, whichever one, is an added-value which results in a stronger impact and a bigger momentum. However, there are certain pitfalls which must be avoided in order to benefit from these advantages.

How to make sure that original commitments are met? How to make room for the leadership of the other organizations? How to establish a close link between power and responsibility? So many obstacles which may negatively affect a sound and effective cooperation.

Echos Communication has learned to manage these dangers through the Harubuntu network, Territorial Coaching and the Systems Biology… A wealth of experience which you could benefit from!

You are a local elected official, active in civil society, an economic operator…

You are passionate about your community? You want to improve matters at the local level? You are a local elected official, active in civil society or an economic operator? Then Territorial Coaching has been created for you!

Since 2011, Echos Communication, in partnership with UCLGA and REMESS, facilitates synergies between local players in Morocco. The concept: Rally everyone together with a view to solve a specific problem or promote sustainable development of a territory. Originality: Focus on the behavioral dimension so that every actor adopts a new favorable attitude towards a constructive and inclusive dialogue.

Territorial Coaches, who have been trained in Morocco can supports local players are able to have a positive impact no matter what the topic is.

The approach is transversal and puts an emphasis on the human dynamic. It is up to the parties involved to determine the priority thematic that must be dealt with in the territory.

If you want to involve yourself in a local and collective sustainable development program, what are you waiting for…?

Want to know more about Territorial Coaching ?

See the project sheet

You are a journalist

Echos Communication thinks outside the box! Or approaches development cooperation in a different manner. The Thematic that we address is a sign of renewal in the field.


People and social skill has as much of an impact as knowledge and expertise. Learning to manage behaviors, attitudes and human relationships is a task which is often ignored.

Cooperation means inspiring and/or supporting human dynamics. Echos Communication puts an emphasis on self-determination and reciprocity.

Biases are a barrier to diversity, discovery and exchange. Let’s learn to recognize them and understand them to facilitate cohabitation.

You want to invest

With Your Support, Echos Communication will fare better! Like many other associations, we rely on public and private donors’ generosity to accomplish our services of general interest.

At the moment, most of our funds comes from the DGD (Direction générale Coopération au développement et Aide humanitaire in French) and the Fondation M to whom we are most grateful for their support.


This dependency on two main donors makes us vulnerable. We are seeking to increase our sources of income by offering paid trainings, thus constructing a viable business model on one hand, and diversifying our way of raising funds on the other hand.

Interested in our projects? Would you want to invest on us as a company, foundation or individually? Get in touch with us so we can discuss the matter. For if money is an absolute necessity for existence, your presence is also an opportunity for us to grow and build together. Instead of being a simple financer, you can become an agent of change just like us.

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