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A GA and a BOD

General Assembly (GA)

The role of the General Assembly is defined by the statute; to determine the direction that is to be taken and long term vision for the organization. The GA is made up of general members.

The GA is to meet once a year, around the month of June. An Extraordinary General Assembly may also be summoned depending on its objective and accordance with the statute.

Depending on the activities carried out by the NGO, members may be asked to take part in other events through a decision made by a member in an authoritative position.

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Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD has the executive right to decide on all matters that deal with social matter if there is no written law, article of the statute or motion passed at the General Assembly preventing such an eventuality.

Its members are nominated by the General Assembly for a term of 4 years. The trustees fulfill their duty gratuitously.

The BOD meets 5 times per year. To this day, no Advisory Council has been established

The June 19, 2015, Ordinary General Assembly renewed the ScPRL CLC commissioner’s mandate (boulevard Charles Van Pée 87 A 1400 Nivelles). She was represented by Mr. Adil EL FILALI, Company auditor, for the 2015 to 2017 fiscal years.

The membership of the Board of Directors has also been modified.

Taking note of the departure of:

  • Mr KABUTA Ngo Samzara – Vice-President
  • Mme ALLAERT Bénédicte – Administrator
  • Mr ILUNGA Léon-Michel – Administrator

The following individuals have been elected as administrators:

  • Mrs IJZERMAN Eike
  • Mrs MIETH Sara
  • Mr BA Omar
  • Mr KOMBILA Oscar
  • Mr ELARBI Oussama

The following individuals will continue their mandate:

  • Mr MOORKENS Pierre
  • Mr DENEYS Benoît
  • Mrs MANDOUZE Claire
  • Mr VINCKE Pierre

On September 17, 2015, the following changes were made to the Board of Directors:

Presidency: Mr. Pierre MOORKENS resigns from his position as President and remains a general member of the BOD. Mr Benoît DENEYS is elected President of the organization by the Board of Directors.

Treasury: Mr. Benoît DENEYS resigns from his position as Treasurer. Mr. Oscar KOMBILA is elected Treasurer by the Board of Directors.

Secretary: Mrs. Sara MIETH has been elected Secretary by the Board of Directors.

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